How to Play Online Bingo

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a weekly trip to the Bingo hall with friends. You can now play Bingo online, 24/7 and with a huge choice of what type of Bingo you play! Online bingo is much like real live bingo, but without the noise and the smokers and that strange woman in the corner who seems to always be sniffing the Bingo markers. There’s always one.

When you go to an online Bingo game, a new window will open up on your screen showing you your cards (usually three at a time), the current number and a board with the previously called numbers, a list of the current players and a ‘chat room’ where you can chat with other players. How do you mark your bingo cards you ask? You can mark or ‘daub’ the card by simply clicking with your mouse and then it’s marked, just like in a real Bingo game! Some casinos also offer ‘auto-daubing’, leaving you free to go and make a cup of tea during a game.

Playing Bingo online can actually be a lot more entertaining than the traditional trip to the bingo hall, you’ll often find news, pictures, chat rooms, special tournaments and links to other fun games you can play, like animated slot machines just like you’d find in a Vegas Casino! The sites themselves are also colourful and have their own themes to keep things interesting.

So where do you find online Bingo games? There are a number of great Bingo sites online including Win Bingo, Bingo Party, Big Bingo, Banana Bingo and Bingo Balls. Once you find a site you like the look of simply look for the ‘register’ button and sign yourself up! You’ll then be able to look around the site and find the game you’d like to play.

Unlike the Bingo hall, you’ll find many different types of Bingo game on offer including the ones commonly found in the UK like High 5 Bingo and American versions such as 90 Ball bingo.
So what does it cost?

Many online Bingo games are completely free and just for fun but to be in with a chance to win, you need to pay a fee to play, which varies from website to website. It could be as little as £1 or as much as £5 depending on what’s at stake. Prizes are often thousands of pounds and sometimes there might even be holidays up for grabs. Often the prizes are fixed but you can also find ‘jackpot’ games where the money grows the longer people play.